30/09/2010 Valencia. Anima Games Studio, located in Valencia, Spain, will present next November 5th its new Nintendo Wiiware Platform project: “Ark of Sinners”. The event will be held at the demo stand of Fnac electronics & media store at 19:00, though the game demo will be running all day at the same place from 10:00 a.m.

The game “Ark of Sinners” is being developed by Anima Games Studio: a lateral scroll 2D platform game with outstanding graphic and scenario quality, including the work and genius of graphic designer Wen Yu-Li and the creativity of Anima Project Studio founder: Carlos García Aparicio.

Carlos García Aparicio as chief designer of Ark of Sinners, his design team composed of 6 members and his partner Mario Ferrer, project leader, have created a world in which one of “Anima: Beyond Fantasy” most representative characters fights against over 15 evil enemies in different difficulty levels.

The target is bringing to video games business the world of “Anima: Beyond Fantasy”, a worldwide successful role playing book saga, miniatures and card game, edited in 5 languages and sold in over 20 countries.
Anima Games Studio, founded in 2009 both by Carlos García Aparicio (Anima Project Studio, 2005) and Mario Ferrer Silvestre (kubikmedia, 2000), works on videogame production and development under Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft licenses.